NGI’s Hub & Flow

LNG is Hot! Can the U.S. Answer the Call to Supply More Global Demand?

June 6, 2022

Global demand for natural gas continues to skyrocket in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Helping to offset supply into Europe and Asia, demand for U.S. LNG exports have also risen, subsequently boosting natural gas prices at Henry Hub to +10-year highs. Companies around the world are fast-tracking infrastructure developments – from FSRUs to new train expansions, from pipeline construction to deepwater Fast FLNG –  in an effort to boost LNG imports and exports. With mounting export projects moving forward as quickly as possible across the U.S. and Mexico, will exploration & production in the Haynesville, Permian and Marcellus be able to feed these demand centers? Join Patrick Rau, strategy and research director at Natural Gas Intelligence, as he puts the global natural gas puzzle pieces together in this episode of NGI’s Hub & Flow podcast.

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